California Freshwater Withdrawal in Million Gallons per Day by Sector,1985 - 2010

Irrigation is the largest user of fresh water in California. However: freshwater irrigation totals have dropped since 1995, while total public water supply use has been generally increasing along with population growth. California additionally uses saline water and recycled/reused water (not included here) to meet its total water needs. Addressing water in California requires more than just acounting for water withdrawal, but also interconnections between sectors, users and water stakeholders.
State level totals compiled from USGS Water Data from 1985, 1990, 1995, 2000, 2010. Includes both reported surface and groundwater totals by sector. 'Other' category includes some self-supplied commercial uses and aquaculture/fish hatchery uses that are not consistently captured across all years, but are included in total withdrawal reported by USGS.