Scott Moore is a Giorgio Ruffolo Doctoral Research Fellow at the Kennedy School of Government, at Harvard University, an RCN Partner; and he is also a doctoral candidate at Oxford University. Mr. Moore’s current research focuses on hydropolitics in China.

A few days ago, his work was featured in the International Herald Tribune. His op-ed,  China’s Massive Water Problem, addresses the limitations of the massive South-North Water Transfer Project. This project aims to pipe water along three routes from China’s relatively water-rich south to the dry north, at enormous financial cost, with significant societal and environmental impacts. Mr. Moore addresses some of the social and political challenges embedded within the competing demands for water in China — especially important as these factors cannot be addressed solely via building additional infrastructure; and infrastructure alone cannot address growing demand and competition for water from multiple sectors and regions.

His work has also been recently featured in Power and Policy and the South China Morning Post. For a more complete list of recent publications, including reports and journal articles, please see his Harvard website.


Amanda Repella

Amanda C. Repella was the Water Diplomacy Global Network Coordinator at Tufts University from 2012 – 2016.

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