The June 2013 issue of Water Alternatives focuses on “many of the problems, ethical dilemmas, and frustrations that those of us involved with international development recurrently encounter, but rarely discuss and hardly ever write about.” The articles in this issue, “Voices of Water Professionals: Shedding Light on Hidden Dynamics in the Water Sector,” written by water practitioners working around the globe, incorporate perspectives of policy-makers, bankers, administrators, designers, managers and researchers within the water sector. This issue is available online at www.wateralternatives.org

Water Alternatives is an interdisciplinary open access journal addressing the full range of issues that water raises in contemporary societies with a goal to provide space for creative and free thinking on water, fostering debate, eliciting innovative alternatives, promoting original analyses and constructive critiques. Editor Peter Mollinga of SOAS, University of London, is a Water Diplomacy RCN partner.


Amanda Repella

Amanda C. Repella was the Water Diplomacy Global Network Coordinator at Tufts University from 2012 – 2016.