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A list of news and blog posts and other web items we stumbled upon in the past week…

  • Goodbye, Miami (Rolling Stone Magazine) – In depth feature from 2013 on climate change impacts in Miami, Florida from coastal flooding to salt water intrusion. Additionally Miami faces political, economic and technological challenges as many people refuse to accept the inevitability of Miami’s future. Many questions and topics here are also being asked in other coastal cities around the globe.
  • From California to the Middle East, water shortages pose threat of terror and war (Raw Story) – Over the last 12 years, GRACE satellite data has begun to reveal that mid-latitude countries are increasingly running low on water, and a 2012 US report warns that water shortages will threaten food and energy production while adding continued stress to governments who struggle with poverty and social tensions.
  • L.A.’s aging water pipes; a $1-billion dilemma (The Los Angeles Times) – Amidst California’s drought, water pipes in Los Angeles are continuing to deteriorate and leak, leaving the city with a very complex and expensive problem.
  • Authorities dismantle over 408 illegal fixtures on water mains, pipes in January (The Jordan Times) – In an attempt to manage water theft, which constitutes 70% of water loss, the Jordanian government dismantled illegal fixtures and sealed illegal wells.
  • Israel to let water flow to West Bank development at center of political feud (The Washington Post)- Newly constructed Rawabi, a development hailed as a model for the West Bank, will now have access to Israeli-controlled water after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu intervened.
  • American Meteorological Society Objects to Congressional Investigation of its Anti-Science Members (Hill Heat Blog) – The executive director of the American Meteorological Society has condemned a Congressional investigation into the corruption of scientific testimony on climate change. Includes a link to the letter from Dr. Keith L. Seitter, AMS Executive Director
  • Boston Tops 100 Inches Of Snow In Record-Setting Winter (CBS Boston) –  Boston surpassed 100 inches of snow in a season on Wednesday February 25th, for the second time since record keeping began.
  • Water Works plans to sue three counties (Des Moines Register) – Surface water nitrate loads forced Des Moines, Iowa to invest in costly water treatment equipment to meet water safety standards; this will cause heavy rate increases for customers. The water utility is planning on suing upstream counties, contending that agricultural runoff is responsible for nitrate levels.

Contributed by Shafik Islam, Michael Reed, Hojjat Mianabadi, Margaret Garcia, Molly Greer and Amanda Repella

Molly E. Greer

Molly E. Greer is Tufts University student studying Geology and Environmental science.