A list of news and blog posts and other web items we stumbled upon in the past week…

  • ‘Water man of India’ Rajendra Singh bags top prize (BBC) -The Stockholm Water Prize was awarded to Rajendra Singh of India this week. His award winning technique, which brought water to 1,000 villages in India, uses ancient Indian techniques to restore groundwater.
  • Winter’s finally over: How did the NOAA Climate Outlook do? (NOAA) – Precipitation and temperature predictions for Dec 2014-Feb 2015 were evaluated based on observed weather patterns. For the temperature forecast the score is about 50,  but the precipitation sore is 7.7; indicating that temperature was predicted with general accuracy but precipitation was not.
  • California drought: State OKs sweeping restrictions on water use (San Francisco Chronicle) – California stepped into unprecedented territory when state officials approved sweeping water restrictions instead of allowing local water agencies to manage water use.
  • World Water Day 2015 (UN Water) -World Water Day was March 22, a day which the UN celebrates water. The theme this year was ‘Water and Sustainable Development’.
  • The World’s Water Supply Could Dip Sharply in 15 Years (TIME) – World water resources may soon meet only 60% of the global population the UN warned in The World Water Development Report. Includes a short video describing the report’s findings.

Contributed by Shafik Islam  and Molly Greer

Molly E. Greer

Molly E. Greer is Tufts University student studying Geology and Environmental science.