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A list of news and blog posts and other web items we stumbled upon in the past week…

  • UAE may run out of groundwater by 2030 (Gulf News) –  UAE’s high water consumption level and limited natural groundwater recharge are quickly depleting available freshwater resources.
  • California Drought: Snowpack Report Briefings ( Circle of Blue) – California Department of Water Resources officials are set to hold a press conference this week on April 1, where it is expected that they will announce the lowest snowpack in state history.
  • Water, security, and the state (Reinventing Peace Blog) – Opinion post argues that “a strong argument can be made, for example, for the re-examination of water management cases through the lens of human security rather than state sovereignty”.
  • The Waters Beneath (Foreign Policy) – Featuring pictures from around the world, Balazs Gardi asks about water “Who produces it? Who owns it? And who profits from it?”
  • CASA radar tracks tornadoes down the street and up to the minute, literally! (Science Nation) – “smaller, smarter, and faster radar systems could save lives” when it comes to tornadoes in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.
  • Bringing Water Outside the Cup (The Daily Water) – Blog featuring articles about water issues worldwide.

Contributed by Shafik Islam, Amanda Repella, Paula Hanaz, and Margaret Garcia

Molly E. Greer

Molly E. Greer is Tufts University student studying Geology and Environmental science.