• Water Diplomacy Network

    Welcome to the Water Diplomacy Network

    How do we begin to address chronic collective-action problems like equitable access to water? How do we engage those with access to water and the web to help those who need more reliable access to the benefits of water? Learn more about the Water Diplomacy Network.

  • AquaPedia Case Study RFP

    A Global Effort to Expand AquaPedia

    Right now, we are seeking case studies about ongoing water challenges throughout the world to help provide small pieces of the answers to these questions and more. We’re providing extensive editorial support and financial reward to help authors develop and publish these cases online. Click for more info

  • Insights that Matter

    Water Diplomacy Alerts: Insights that Matter

    Insights that Matter blog posts are summaries of research products such as journal articles, white papers, or theses that are of interest to the Water Diplomacy RCN or the larger water diplomacy community. Topics are suggested by network members and articles are contributed by RCN members, WDW alumni, and Water Diplomacy students