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A list of news and blog posts and other web items we stumbled upon in the past week…

  • Bangladesh schools stay open – even for cyclones (Aljazeera-America) – An article discussing the expansion of new school houses in Bangladesh that are being designed to shelter people, and livestock, when cyclones hit.
  • For Drinking Water in Drought, California Looks Warily to Sea (New York Times) – As California thinks about turning to desalination for drinking water, it follows what many other nations, many in the Middle East, have done already in order to combat chronically dry conditions. However, desalination poses environmental concerns with disposal of excess salt, electricity use, and carbon dioxide emissions.
  • Zimbabwe Capital’s Residents ‘Pay Twice’ as Taps Run Dry (Bloomberg Business) –  Since Zimbabwe fell into a recession in 2000, public works like water have been neglected, and while poor residents pay for water connections only to receive no water, wealthier residents are charged both for a connection and tanks or wells that they personally install.
  • A Severe Lack of Clean Water is Killing Indigenous Children in Colombia (Vice) – In Columbia’s capital of La Guajira, the risk of dying from water related illness is four or five times higher than anywhere else in the country; further, despite money allocated for water projects (including a dam), there is still little water fit for human consumption.

Contributed by Shafik Islam, Hojjat Mianabadi, and Molly Greer

Molly E. Greer

Molly E. Greer is Tufts University student studying Geology and Environmental science.